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The big question here is which technology to use, JSON vs XML. They both do a very good job, so what are the benefits of using one or the other? Well, I'm going to list the pros and cons of each, coming from a mobile point of view.

If's you're not too familiar with JSON and XML, I'll do a quick brief. They are basically used for defining and storing data (using meta data). This data can then be passed around - so when it travels from point A to B, the receiving end will know what each piece of information means (just to maintain a certain level of standardization).

jon | April 26, 2011 | Comments (2)

The process of parsing JSON in Android is pretty simple, thankfully. We'll be using JSONObject for all the parsing goodness - there are also some other JSON classes, but we'll just go through the basic ones to give you a general idea of how it works.

The first thing we will do is setup our JSON string, which we'll end up parsing.

jon | April 26, 2011 | Comments (65)