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Creating a pre-dispatch in Symfony (if you are coming from Zend)

If you're looking for a way to execute a bit of code before it actually runs the module/action, then you're in the right place. The first thing is that it's not actually called a preDispatch, as it is referred to in Zend. Having a Zend background myself, this got me a bit confused, as there was nothing linking the 2, when doing a search in Google.

The 2 main things we'll look at are the preExecute and the filters.

With the first it works on a per-module basis - so, you'd have to stick it in each module action. But if you're looking to do it for just 1 module, then this will work for you. Here's an example action:

class mymoduleActions extends sfActions
  public function preExecute()
    // The code inserted here is executed at the beginning of each action call in this module
  public function executeIndex()

And that's it - pretty easy huh?

Well what if you want a preExecute for all your modules, but you don't want to repeat code in every action? You could create a custom action, by extending sfActions, and add the global preExecute in there, then extend your custom action in all your actions - that's one way. Or we could just use the built in filters in Symfony - here's an example filter:

class stuffFilter extends sfFilter
  public function execute ($filterChain)
    // Code to execute before the action execution
    // Execute next filter in the chain
    // Code to execute after the action execution, before the rendering

You're probably wondering where you put stuffFilter.class.php - you can stick it under apps/myapp/lib/stuffFilter.class.php

And the next thing you'd need to do, is edit your filters.yml file, which can be found here: apps/myapp/config/filters.yml, so that it knows to use your new filter.

rendering: ~
web_debug: ~
security:  ~

stuff:                 # Filters need a unique name
  class: stuffFilter

cache:     ~
common:    ~
flash:     ~
execution: ~

For more information about filters, you could just do a search in Google, or check out this guide on the symphony site:

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Stands back from the keyboard in amazement! Tnhaks!
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